MENU BOOK ONLINE Oetker collection

Lined with bookcases and handsome leather-bound volumes, decorated with beautiful wood marquetry wallpaper and furnished with sofas and wing-chairs, The Library Bar retains its intimate, club-like atmosphere. 
In the distinguished surroundings there is the opportunity for enlightenment, as guests acquaint themselves with the bar’s  “Liquid History”, a timeline of vintage Cognacs that dates back to the 1770s, displayed in glass cabinets. 

Alternatively, they may simply choose to enjoy the sound of the piano, the roaring fire and the company of friends.

The Difference between cognac and armagnac. Imagine a length of velvet and another of silk fabric. Stroke them. The Velvet has a deep, rich, texture. This is armagnac. The silk is pure finesse and that, to me, is a cognac. 

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