Your Career with The Lanesborough

"I stand at the door some days by myself, I look up at the sky and around me and say: Dom, you're a lucky man!" - Dominic Mullen, Doorman at The Lanesborough since 1991

Whether you are thinking of a career in Food or Wine, Back or Front of House, Finance or Management, there are plenty of opportunities. We provide the learning and a culture that will allow you to shine. All we ask for is your talent, time, enthusiasm and passion.

Over the years, The Lanesborough Hotel has created a reputation of exceptional level of service and friendly staff. As a member of the team you would be proud of the reputation it has earned, but we recognise that it is only through the hard work of our employees that we can enhance this reputation and ensure future success.

We invite you to live, breathe and experience The Lanesborough Culture... 

Although The Lanesborough is currently undertaking an extensive renovation project we invite you to either to apply for one of the current vacancies or send your details to join our database for the upcoming re-launch.


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