Butler Service

All guests at The Lanesborough Hotel are received as honoured guests in a private home and cared for by personal butlers. Within the comfort of your own bedroom, your butler will familiarize you with your room surroundings and will be on hand as and when required with complete discretion. Your personal butler will be available 24 hours a day, from clothes pressing upon arrival to providing you with a book to read at night or even a last minute gift purchase for a loved one. Your personal butler service is just one of the London hotel services offered which ensures you have a unique experience at The Lanesborough. 

Whilst in residence, your butler can accommodate your every day need including:

  • Unpacking and packaging
  • E-butler service                                                                      
  • Personal travel needs
  • Social itineraries

If you would like to pre-arrange a specific request, please contact our Head Butler, Daniel Jordaan at djordaan@lanesborough.com  

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